Houses on Ravnica Online

Alliance Castle1904815k gpMirariRented by The Alliance
Central Tower I - A16510k gpMirariRented by Rick-grimes
Central Tower I - B16525k gpMirariRented by Gunn
Central Tower II - A16510k gpMirariRented by In Memory Guerrero
Central Tower II - B16480k gpMirariRented by Macloc
Central Tower III - A16510k gpMirariRented by Magito Nob
Central Tower III - B16495k gpMirariRented by Flex Fyt
Central Tower IV - A16510k gpMirariEmpty.
Central Tower IV - B16480k gpMirariEmpty.
Dark Side Castle992355k gpMirariRented by The Dark Side
Eastern Mirari 32945k gpMirariRented by Sir'ramiro
Eastern Mirari Gate I22705k gpMirariRented by Doryan
Eastern Mirari Gate II22705k gpMirariRented by Nikola Duff
Eastern Mirari I30750k gpMirariRented by Abejorro
Eastern Mirari II30750k gpMirariRented by Aka Valak
Eastern Mirari III30750k gpMirariRented by Dilun
Eastern Mirari IX16540k gpMirariRented by Gideon-cormack
Eastern Mirari IX - B20600k gpMirariRented by Swingshine
Eastern Mirari V531095k gpMirariRented by Kefro Da Rush
Eastern Mirari VI531080k gpMirariRented by Lisanna
Eastern Mirari VII34960k gpMirariRented by Inevitable
Eastern Mirari VII - B20600k gpMirariRented by Firooz
Eastern Mirari VIII22630k gpMirariRented by Elith Grillo
Eastern Mirari VIII - B20600k gpMirariRented by Bigdick
Eastern Tower I - B34840k gpMirariRented by Gsky Skull
Eastern Tower II - B34840k gpMirariRented by Abysmal Tortment
Eastern Tower III - B26750k gpMirariRented by Thug Edgar
Eastern Tower IV - B26750k gpMirariRented by Arya Starkk
King's Avenue I691920k gpMirariRented by Escalade
King's Avenue II451020k gpMirariRented by Infected Mage
King's Avenue III451020k gpMirariRented by Sonha Malandro
King's Avenue IV451020k gpMirariRented by Gucci Mane
King's Avenue V721455k gpMirariRented by Foost
King's Avenue VI721545k gpMirariRented by Faladin
King's Avenue VII721500k gpMirariRented by Migueltop
King's Avenue VIII691815k gpMirariRented by Paladin Elite
Market Street III (Shop)15510k gpMirariRented by Paly Tankk
Market Street III - B25735k gpMirariRented by Danza
Market Street IV (Shop)15510k gpMirariRented by Kinai
Market Street IV - B25735k gpMirariRented by Thor'd
Market Street V (Shop)15510k gpMirariRented by Shaka-blood
Market Street V - B25675k gpMirariRented by Von Hindenburg
Market Street VI33810k gpMirariRented by Thug Fuzzy
Market Street VII33870k gpMirariRented by Eternal Tom
Market Street VIII33900k gpMirariRented by Navigator
Mirari Docks I18315k gpMirariRented by Scar Face Malandrugs
Mirari Docks I - B16465k gpMirariEmpty.
Mirari Docks II26450k gpMirariRented by Reymaniaco Oz
Mirari Docks II - B24705k gpMirariRented by Zhukoo
Mirari Flat A - I13465k gpMirariRented by Elite Mencho
Mirari Flat A - Ib13450k gpMirariRented by Crossfit
Mirari Flat A - II13405k gpMirariEmpty.
Mirari Flat A - IIb13390k gpMirariEmpty.
Mirari Flat A - III13405k gpMirariRented by Sapito You
Mirari Flat A - IIIb13390k gpMirariEmpty.
Mirari Flat B - I13465k gpMirariRented by Overd
Mirari Flat B - Ib13450k gpMirariEmpty.
Mirari Flat B - II13465k gpMirariRented by Insane'bolt
Mirari Flat B - IIb13450k gpMirariRented by Wenceslao Quijano
Mirari Flat B - III13465k gpMirariEmpty.
Mirari Flat B - IIIb13450k gpMirariRented by Forjate
Mirari Flat C - I16285k gpMirariRented by Sniper'cloud
Mirari Flat C - II16285k gpMirariRented by O'vers
Mirari Flat C - III14255k gpMirariRented by Aka El Guerrero
Mirari Flat C - IV14255k gpMirariRented by Lalo Lookochn
Mirari Flat C - V20375k gpMirariRented by O'ver
Mirari Flat C - VI10195k gpMirariRented by Kisawea
Mirari Flat C - VII19360k gpMirariRented by Algo Bien
Mirari Flat C - VIII30525k gpMirariRented by Stylker
Mirari Flat D - I26450k gpMirariRented by Hillary Clinton
Mirari Flat D - II26450k gpMirariRented by Elise Knight
Mirari Flat D - III13240k gpMirariRented by Compa Remzo
Mirari Flat D - IV13240k gpMirariRented by Warner Bross
Mirari Flat D - IX16315k gpMirariRented by Super Distancia
Mirari Flat D - V21405k gpMirariRented by Fresh Dude
Mirari Flat D - VI16330k gpMirariRented by Touch Me
Mirari Flat D - VII16330k gpMirariRented by Criticals
Mirari Flat D - VIII16330k gpMirariRented by Doctor Martin
Mirari Flat D - X16315k gpMirariEmpty.
Mirari Flat D - XI16330k gpMirariRented by Ceniso
Mirari Main Street I20525k gpMirariRented by Daryl-dixon
Mirari Main Street I - B16540k gpMirariRented by Ticho Lookochn
Mirari Main Street II20525k gpMirariRented by Alexis Diecinueve
Mirari Main Street II - C16540k gpMirariRented by Roger Waters
Mirari Main Street II - D16525k gpMirariRented by Snakeeyes
Mirari Main Street II-B16540k gpMirariRented by Alberto's
Mirari Main Street III37570k gpMirariRented by Arthuro'wh
Mirari Main Street IV37570k gpMirariRented by Gente Del Parche
Mirari Main Street IX36615k gpMirariRented by Elite'blood
Mirari Main Street V40615k gpMirariRented by Valderic
Mirari Main Street VI22450k gpMirariRented by Godrick
Mirari Main Street VII22465k gpMirariRented by Tirnost
Mirari Main Street VIII22465k gpMirariRented by Roberto Fail
Mirari Main Street X36615k gpMirariRented by Feaki
Mirari Main Street XI12240k gpMirariRented by Wiz Beastmode
Mirari Main Street XI B13240k gpMirariRented by Tramito
Mirari Main Street XII12495k gpMirariRented by Liru Sisar
Mirari Main Street XII B13240k gpMirariRented by Technicolor Fabrics
Mirari Mansion I24585k gpMirariRented by Ong
Mirari Mansion II16435k gpMirariRented by Ladgerdaa
Mirari Mansion III16420k gpMirariRented by Niklausz Klausz
Mirari Mansion IV26660k gpMirariRented by Turoth
Mirari Mansion V16405k gpMirariRented by Charlove'go
Mirari Mansion VI16420k gpMirariEmpty.
Mirari Watch Tower22375k gpMirariRented by Twins Go
Trader's Guildhall I18645k gpMirariRented by Scooby Doo Papa
Trader's Guildhall II18630k gpMirariRented by Knight De La Rosca
Trader's Guildhall III22480k gpMirariEmpty.
Trader's Guildhall IV22540k gpMirariRented by El De Laroscaa
Trader's Street I (Shop)14465k gpMirariRented by Zkey
Trader's Street I B (Shop)14330k gpMirariRented by Maycold Scofield
Trader's Street II (Shop)14465k gpMirariRented by El Barret's
Trader's Street II B (Shop)14360k gpMirariRented by Chapeeu
Trader's Street III (Shop)14465k gpMirariRented by Camwerty
Trader's Street III B (Shop)14360k gpMirariRented by Remzo
Trader's Street IV (Shop)14465k gpMirariRented by Powerlesz
Trader's Street IV B (Shop)14360k gpMirariRented by Myboo
Trader's Street V (Shop)501215k gpMirariRented by Elegost
Trader's Watchpost471245k gpMirariRented by Warlot
Warrior's Guildhall I11315k gpMirariRented by Gsky
Warrior's Guildhall II15315k gpMirariRented by Ivar Ragnarsson
Warrior's Guildhall III14330k gpMirariRented by Negan
Warrior's Guildhall IV14330k gpMirariRented by Tame Impala
Warrior's Guildhall V17540k gpMirariRented by Colossus Eternal
Warrior's Guildhall VI17540k gpMirariRented by Eternal Fire
Warrior's Guildhall VII17540k gpMirariEmpty.
Warrior's Hall III - A32765k gpMirariRented by Comwerty
Warrior's Hall III - B32765k gpMirariRented by Mary Poppins
Warrior's Hall III - C32765k gpMirariRented by Hapnese
Warrior's Hall III - D32765k gpMirariRented by Gcv
Western Keep822250k gpMirariRented by Torturer
Western Mirari Barracks I16480k gpMirariEmpty.
Western Watch Tower I 32780k gpMirariRented by Zestor Go
Western Watch Tower II30780k gpMirariRented by Ainesey
Western Watch Tower III32780k gpMirariRented by Lacrimae Mortem
Western Watch Tower IV30780k gpMirariRented by Olwen
Western Watch Tower V30795k gpMirariRented by Zesttop Go
Central Circle I851755k gpSarpadiaRented by Fluppigovskii Wcyewszcny
Central Circle II851755k gpSarpadiaRented by Chachitoxx
Central Circle IV (Shop)781710k gpSarpadiaRented by Ziomekwr
Central Cricle III (Shop)781710k gpSarpadiaRented by Roetfork
Eastern Outpost752235k gpSarpadiaRented by Bernstein
Eastern Sarpadia I841710k gpSarpadiaRented by Pally Inmortal
Eastern Sarpadia II (Shop)44900k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Eastern Sarpadia III841710k gpSarpadiaRented by Paladin Demente
Eastern Sarpadia IV841710k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Eastern Sarpadia V42900k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Market House (Shop)015k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Market Street I571275k gpSarpadiaRented by Thug Ares
Market Street II571245k gpSarpadiaRented by Panes Healer
Market Street III45900k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Market Street IV791770k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Pyramid A - I601275k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Pyramid A - II581455k gpSarpadiaRented by Darkflame
Pyramid A - III581455k gpSarpadiaRented by Aleister Crowley
Pyramid A - IV56960k gpSarpadiaRented by Demoniter
Pyramid A - VII43915k gpSarpadiaRented by Evil Tu Padre Sthoner
Pyramid A - VIII43930k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Pyramid B - I24570k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Pyramid B - III20465k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Pyramid B - IV601275k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Pyramid B - IX741425k gpSarpadiaRented by Whyzir Activities
Pyramid B - VII601275k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Pyramid B - VIII741440k gpSarpadiaRented by Evil Skys
Pyramid C - I015k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Pyramid C - II24510k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Pyramid C - IV601275k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Pyramid C - V20495k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Pyramid C - VI015k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Sarpadia Main Street Flats I - A (Shop)471350k gpSarpadiaRented by Drakoss Ed
Sarpadia Main Street Flats I - B (Shop)471365k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Sarpadia Main Street Flats I - C301050k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Sarpadia Main Street Flats II - A16465k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Sarpadia Main Street Flats II - B17690k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Sarpadia Main Street Flats II - C301020k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Sarpadia Main Street II015k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Sarpadia Main Street III (Shop)44915k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Sarpadia Market Place (Shop)561455k gpSarpadiaRented by Power Metal
Sarpadia Market Street III015k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Sarpadia Market Street IV015k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Sarpadia Market Street V015k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Sarpadia Temple Street I015k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Sarpadia Temple Street II015k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Sarpadia West Gate I681380k gpSarpadiaRented by J'r
Sarpadia West Gate II681380k gpSarpadiaRented by Senpokii
Underground Barracks I26630k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Underground Barracks II26645k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Underground Barracks III421050k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Underground Barracks IV24645k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Underground Barracks IX28750k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Underground Barracks V421065k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Underground Barracks VI28750k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Underground Barracks VII28750k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Underground Barracks VIII28750k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Western Sarpadia II561455k gpSarpadiaRented by Lobo's Go
Western Sarpadia III841890k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Western Sarpadia IV641470k gpSarpadiaRented by Pally Sanguinario
Western Sarpadia V641455k gpSarpadiaRented by Dios Maya
Western Sarpadia VI015k gpSarpadiaEmpty.
Depot Street I32630k gpShivaEmpty.
Depot Street II32630k gpShivaEmpty.
Depot Street III32630k gpShivaEmpty.
Hunter's Guildhall1473180k gpShivaRented by Cranica
Hunter's Street I541275k gpShivaRented by Melli
Hunter's Street II541230k gpShivaRented by Aquiles Baesta
Hunter's Street III952430k gpShivaRented by Lil Friendz
Lacunea Guard Tower I21615k gpShivaEmpty.
Lacunea Guard Tower II21600k gpShivaEmpty.
Lacunea Hillside I17465k gpShivaEmpty.
Lacunea Hillside I - B27705k gpShivaEmpty.
Lacunea Hillside II16465k gpShivaEmpty.
Lacunea Hillside III25690k gpShivaEmpty.
Lacunea Hillside III - B25705k gpShivaEmpty.
Lacunea Hillside IV29645k gpShivaEmpty.
Lacunea Hillside IV - B471275k gpShivaEmpty.
Lacunea Hillside V29765k gpShivaEmpty.
Lacunea Hillside V - B471275k gpShivaEmpty.
Lacunea Tower I421140k gpShivaRented by Inmortalitys
Lacunea Tower I - B (Shop)19690k gpShivaEmpty.
Lacunea Tower II541350k gpShivaRented by Strip Jr
Lacunea Underground I30765k gpShivaEmpty.
Lacunea Underground II30765k gpShivaEmpty.
Lacunea Underground III16510k gpShivaEmpty.
Lacunea Underground IV16495k gpShivaEmpty.
Lacunea Underground V26915k gpShivaEmpty.
Lacunea Underground VI26915k gpShivaEmpty.
Market Avenue I401065k gpShivaRented by Flexo
Market Avenue II32600k gpShivaRented by Paladiin De Papel
Market Avenue III32600k gpShivaRented by Henkz
Market Avenue IV32615k gpShivaRented by Lord Thydon
Market Avenue IX541215k gpShivaRented by Lobo Fake
Market Avenue V581440k gpShivaRented by King Of The North
Market Avenue VI391215k gpShivaRented by Pinguino
Market Avenue VII391350k gpShivaRented by Bafetimbi
Market Avenue VIII541170k gpShivaRented by Hersheel Grener
Market Place I (Shop)17450k gpShivaEmpty.
Market Place II (Shop)17540k gpShivaRented by Green Kirviarrow
Market Place III (Shop)8315k gpShivaEmpty.
Northern Shiva I16375k gpShivaEmpty.
Northern Shiva II16375k gpShivaEmpty.
Northern Shiva III - A14390k gpShivaEmpty.
Northern Shiva III - B29765k gpShivaEmpty.
Northern Shiva IV - A14450k gpShivaEmpty.
Northern Shiva IV - B29825k gpShivaEmpty.
Shiva Main Street I32630k gpShivaEmpty.
Shiva Main Street II32630k gpShivaEmpty.
Shiva Main Street III32630k gpShivaEmpty.
Shiva Main Street IV32630k gpShivaEmpty.
Shiva Main Street IX32630k gpShivaEmpty.
Shiva Main Street V32630k gpShivaEmpty.
Shiva Main Street VI32630k gpShivaEmpty.
Shiva Main Street VII32630k gpShivaEmpty.
Shiva Main Street VIII32630k gpShivaEmpty.
Shiva Main Street X30630k gpShivaEmpty.
Shiva Main Street XI30630k gpShivaEmpty.
Shiva Market Place II-A19435k gpShivaEmpty.
Shiva Market Place II-B16405k gpShivaEmpty.
Shiva Market Place II-C16465k gpShivaEmpty.
Shiva Market Place II-D441020k gpShivaRented by Naldre
Shiva Market Place III-A26615k gpShivaEmpty.
Shiva Market Place III-B27690k gpShivaEmpty.
Shivan Swamps I16390k gpShivaEmpty.
Shivan Swamps II12390k gpShivaEmpty.
Shivan Swamps III14390k gpShivaEmpty.
Shivan Swamps IV14390k gpShivaEmpty.
Shivan Swamps V16375k gpShivaEmpty.
Shivan Swamps VI14390k gpShivaEmpty.
Shivan Swamps VII14390k gpShivaEmpty.
Side Street I30630k gpShivaEmpty.
Side Street II30630k gpShivaEmpty.
Side Street III30630k gpShivaEmpty.
Southern Lacunea I31765k gpShivaEmpty.
Southern Lacunea I - B33765k gpShivaEmpty.
Southern Lacunea II31765k gpShivaEmpty.
Southern Lacunea II - B33765k gpShivaRented by Glen Rhee
Southern Lacunea III31765k gpShivaEmpty.
Southern Lacunea III - B31765k gpShivaEmpty.
Southern Lacunea IV461050k gpShivaEmpty.
Southern Lacunea IV - B441050k gpShivaEmpty.
Southern Lacunea Mansion701575k gpShivaRented by Evil Sthoneer
Viashivan Castle441110k gpShivaRented by Z-a-e
Western Shiva Flat I - A19465k gpShivaEmpty.
Western Shiva Flat I - B26660k gpShivaEmpty.
Western Shiva Flat II - A22600k gpShivaEmpty.
Western Shiva Flat II - B27660k gpShivaEmpty.
Western Shiva Flat III - A22570k gpShivaEmpty.
Western Shiva Flat III - B27645k gpShivaEmpty.
Western Shiva I36915k gpShivaEmpty.
Western Shiva II40915k gpShivaEmpty.
Western Shiva III431230k gpShivaRented by Forgiven
Western Shiva IV431230k gpShivaRented by Forbbiden Rush
Western Shiva V431230k gpShivaRented by Kefro Paladin
Ice Hut I37690k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Ice Hut II38675k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Ice Hut III38675k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Ice Hut IV38705k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Ice Hut IX15315k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Ice Hut V22375k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Ice Hut VI22375k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Ice Hut VII22375k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Ice Hut VIII22375k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Ice Hut X15315k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Ice Shaks23390k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Ice Shaks II23390k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Ice Shaks III13255k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Ice Shaks IV23405k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Ice Shaks IX23360k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Ice Shaks V23390k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Ice Shaks VI23390k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Ice Shaks VII13240k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Ice Shaks VIII23390k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Snowman's Fort (Guildhall)1061950k gpTerisiareRented by Carlangas Knight
Temple Street I16285k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Temple Street II16285k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Temple Street III16285k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Temple Street IV28480k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Temple Street V16300k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Temple Street VI41720k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Temple Street VII41720k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Terisiare Depot Street I40660k gpTerisiareRented by Headshot
Terisiare Depot Street II43705k gpTerisiareRented by Don Thc
Terisiare Depot Street III43705k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Terisiare Depot Street IV43705k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Terisiare Depot Street V40660k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Terisiare Flat I27450k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Terisiare Flat II27450k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Terisiare Flat III27450k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Terisiare Flat IV27450k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Terisiare Flat V27450k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Terisiare Flat VI27450k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Terisiare Main Street I11210k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Terisiare Main Street II62975k gpTerisiareRented by Cangreburguito
Terisiare Main Street III62975k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Terisiare Main Street IV62975k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Terisiare Main Street IX43705k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Terisiare Main Street V62975k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Terisiare Main Street VI44735k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Terisiare Main Street VII44735k gpTerisiareEmpty.
Terisiare Main Street VIII47780k gpTerisiareRented by L'ag
Arsina Docks I32540k gpArsinaEmpty.
Arsina Docks II33555k gpArsinaEmpty.
Arsina Docks III33555k gpArsinaEmpty.
Arsina Docks IV36600k gpArsinaEmpty.
Eastern Arsina I22390k gpArsinaEmpty.
Eastern Arsina II22390k gpArsinaEmpty.
Eastern Arsina III22390k gpArsinaRented by Van Czesk
Eastern Arsina IV23405k gpArsinaEmpty.
Eastern Arsina IV - B23405k gpArsinaEmpty.
Eastern Arsina V23405k gpArsinaEmpty.
Eastern Arsina V - B23405k gpArsinaEmpty.
Eastern Arsina VI22375k gpArsinaEmpty.
Eastern Arsina VI - B22375k gpArsinaRented by Carnicero
Main St. I23405k gpArsinaRented by Tomachon
Main St. II23405k gpArsinaEmpty.
Main St. III23405k gpArsinaRented by Killmonger
Main St. IV621260k gpArsinaEmpty.
Main St. V30510k gpArsinaEmpty.
Market Ave. I32780k gpArsinaEmpty.
Market Ave. II32765k gpArsinaEmpty.
Market Ave. III34600k gpArsinaEmpty.
Market Ave. IV34600k gpArsinaRented by Mozhy Lothbrok
Market Ave. IX33555k gpArsinaRented by Flexfit Fox
Market Ave. V41675k gpArsinaRented by Jhair Duff
Market Ave. VI41675k gpArsinaRented by Tripster
Market Ave. VII41675k gpArsinaRented by Vladimir Putin
Market Ave. VIII33555k gpArsinaRented by Hulkbuster
Market Ave. X33555k gpArsinaEmpty.
Market Ave. XI33555k gpArsinaRented by Barret Malandro
North-Eastern Arsina I471260k gpArsinaEmpty.
North-Eastern Arsina II471260k gpArsinaEmpty.
North-Eastern Arsina III471260k gpArsinaEmpty.
North-West Arsina I31705k gpArsinaEmpty.
North-West Arsina II31705k gpArsinaEmpty.
North-West Arsina III31705k gpArsinaEmpty.
North-West Arsina IV37810k gpArsinaEmpty.
Northern Arsina Expansion I531140k gpArsinaRented by Fuzzy Owna
Northern Arsina Expansion II531005k gpArsinaRented by Ovatsug Reloaded
Northern Arsina Expansion III45975k gpArsinaRented by Oslow
South-West Arsina I381035k gpArsinaEmpty.
South-West Arsina II381035k gpArsinaEmpty.
South-West Arsina III381035k gpArsinaEmpty.
Southern Arsina Expansion I - A16345k gpArsinaEmpty.
Southern Arsina Expansion I - B321020k gpArsinaEmpty.
Southern Arsina Expansion II - A17540k gpArsinaEmpty.
Southern Arsina Expansion II - B17540k gpArsinaEmpty.
Southern Arsina Expansion III - A22645k gpArsinaRented by Aka Mini
Southern Arsina Expansion III - B22645k gpArsinaEmpty.
Southern Arsina Expansion IV - A15525k gpArsinaEmpty.
Southern Arsina Expansion IV - B27675k gpArsinaEmpty.
Southern Arsina Expansion V - A15525k gpArsinaEmpty.
Southern Arsina Expansion V - B27735k gpArsinaEmpty.
Southern Arsina Flats I17540k gpArsinaEmpty.
Southern Arsina Flats II17540k gpArsinaEmpty.
Southern Arsina Flats III17540k gpArsinaEmpty.
Western Arsina Expansion I33825k gpArsinaEmpty.
Western Arsina Expansion II33825k gpArsinaEmpty.
Western Arsina Expansion III33825k gpArsinaEmpty.
Western Arsina Expansion IV - A28720k gpArsinaEmpty.
Western Arsina Expansion IV - B28720k gpArsinaEmpty.
Western Arsina Expansion V43990k gpArsinaEmpty.
Greater Tripoli I551245k gpTripoliRented by Cole
Greater Tripoli I - B49760k gpTripoliEmpty.
Greater Tripoli II551365k gpTripoliRented by Corre Que Te Coge Corre
Greater Tripoli II - B24390k gpTripoliEmpty.
Greater Tripoli III21630k gpTripoliEmpty.
Greater Tripoli III - B931815k gpTripoliEmpty.
Greater Tripoli IV21630k gpTripoliEmpty.
Greater Tripoli IV - B21630k gpTripoliEmpty.
Greater Tripoli V - A21525k gpTripoliEmpty.
Mainland Tripoli I20450k gpTripoliEmpty.
Mainland Tripoli I - B20450k gpTripoliRented by Armando'valdez
Mainland Tripoli II20450k gpTripoliEmpty.
Mainland Tripoli II - B20450k gpTripoliEmpty.
Mainland Tripoli III20390k gpTripoliEmpty.
Mainland Tripoli IV37945k gpTripoliEmpty.
Mainland Tripoli IV - B25350k gpTripoliRented by Gc
Mainland Tripoli V1112475k gpTripoliRented by Zestor Slayer
Mainland Tripoli VI37900k gpTripoliEmpty.
Tripoli Barracks I47915k gpTripoliEmpty.
Tripoli Barracks II12375k gpTripoliEmpty.
Tripoli Barracks III12450k gpTripoliEmpty.
Tripoli Barracks IV12450k gpTripoliEmpty.
Tripoli Barracks IX12285k gpTripoliEmpty.
Tripoli Barracks V12450k gpTripoliEmpty.
Tripoli Barracks VI12285k gpTripoliEmpty.
Tripoli Barracks VII12285k gpTripoliEmpty.
Tripoli Barracks VIII12285k gpTripoliEmpty.
Tripoli Barracks X24525k gpTripoliEmpty.
Tripoli Barracks XI24525k gpTripoliEmpty.
Tripoli Barracks XII30630k gpTripoliEmpty.
Tripoli Barracks XIII30675k gpTripoliEmpty.
Tripoli I351080k gpTripoliEmpty.
Tripoli I - B20340k gpTripoliEmpty.
Tripoli II411065k gpTripoliEmpty.
Tripoli III351050k gpTripoliEmpty.
Tripoli IV351035k gpTripoliEmpty.
Tripoli Training Facility20450k gpTripoliEmpty.
Llanowar Depot I12240k gpLlanowarEmpty.
Llanowar Depot I - B11195k gpLlanowarEmpty.
Llanowar Depot II7165k gpLlanowarEmpty.
Llanowar Depot II - B9150k gpLlanowarEmpty.
Llanowar Depot III22375k gpLlanowarEmpty.
Llanowar Treetop I16285k gpLlanowarEmpty.
Llanowar Treetop II15300k gpLlanowarEmpty.
Llanowar Treetop III15240k gpLlanowarEmpty.
Llanowar Treetop III - B13225k gpLlanowarEmpty.
Llanowar Treetop IV13240k gpLlanowarEmpty.
Llanowar Treetop IV - B12225k gpLlanowarEmpty.
Llanowar Treetop IX19330k gpLlanowarEmpty.
Llanowar Treetop V19360k gpLlanowarEmpty.
Llanowar Treetop V - B14270k gpLlanowarEmpty.
Llanowar Treetop VI9150k gpLlanowarEmpty.
Llanowar Treetop VI - B14255k gpLlanowarEmpty.
Llanowar Treetop VII10195k gpLlanowarEmpty.
Llanowar Treetop VII - B6150k gpLlanowarEmpty.
Llanowar Treetop VIII16300k gpLlanowarEmpty.
Llanowar Treetop VIII - B22375k gpLlanowarEmpty.
Llanowar Ville I16285k gpLlanowarRented by Vale
Llanowar Ville II15300k gpLlanowarEmpty.
Llanowar Ville III16285k gpLlanowarEmpty.
Llanowar Ville IV13240k gpLlanowarEmpty.
Llanowar Ville IX21360k gpLlanowarEmpty.
Llanowar Ville Shop10195k gpLlanowarEmpty.
Llanowar Ville V11210k gpLlanowarEmpty.
Llanowar Ville VI22375k gpLlanowarEmpty.
Llanowar Ville VII11180k gpLlanowarEmpty.
Llanowar Ville VIII7150k gpLlanowarEmpty.
Llanowar Ville X16300k gpLlanowarEmpty.
Llanowar Ville X - B11180k gpLlanowarEmpty.
Llanowar Ville XI10195k gpLlanowarEmpty.
Llanowar Ville XI - B10195k gpLlanowarRented by It's Juansho
Treetop Mansion 35720k gpLlanowarRented by Mckyu
Viridia Cannon Tower I - A25600k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Cannon Tower I - B25585k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Depot I30765k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Hills I (Shop)31885k gpViridiaRented by Lobo Go
Viridia Hills II17525k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Hills III29735k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Hills IV461305k gpViridiaRented by El Virtuoso
Viridia Hills IX391065k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Hills V421065k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Hills VI41945k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Hills VII35915k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Hills VIII391065k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Hills X37855k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Hilltop I (Shop)29735k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Hilltop II791650k gpViridiaRented by Fuzzy Malandro
Viridia Hilltop III (Shop)36930k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Hilltop IV531395k gpViridiaRented by Thug Mini
Viridia Hilltop V34960k gpViridiaRented by Rouster Clich
Viridia Lighthouse I - A37855k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Lighthouse I - B37855k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Town I30765k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Town II30750k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Treetop I31735k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Treetop II22540k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Treetop III14405k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Treetop III - B25615k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Treetop III - C30795k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Treetop IV18495k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Treetop IV - B17525k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Treetop V30765k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Treetop VI20540k gpViridiaRented by Ncs Reloaded
Viridia Treetop VI - B22540k gpViridiaRented by Walt
Viridia Treetop VII461095k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Ville I19480k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Ville I - B12360k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Ville II12345k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Ville II - B31750k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Ville III591425k gpViridiaRented by Asap Sethys
Viridia Ville III - B381020k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Ville IV37855k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Ville IV - B681425k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Ville V15540k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Ville V - B15540k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Ville VI17420k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Ville VI - B28660k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Ville VII19480k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridia Ville VII - B18480k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridian Watchtower I27735k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridian Watchtower II36720k gpViridiaEmpty.
Viridian Watchtower III27720k gpViridiaEmpty.
Western Viridia I - A23555k gpViridiaEmpty.
Western Viridia I - B23555k gpViridiaEmpty.
Western Viridia II - A23555k gpViridiaEmpty.
Western Viridia II - B23555k gpViridiaEmpty.
Western Viridia III - A23555k gpViridiaEmpty.
Western Viridia III - B23555k gpViridiaEmpty.